Genetic or Viral?!

I am on vacation, on this Christmas day of 2014, sitting by the beautiful, blue Caribbean sea with no plan to work or write here, that I read an article in “Scientific American” on “Haemophilia”. The article classifies this coagulating deficiency disease into congenital and acquired, while by congenital it means genetic as it is known for long in medicine! The genetic variety of the disease as it is well known, is a chromosome X-linked recessive trait that passes to male offsprings, while the women or the mothers are the asymptomatic carriers. To many and to me for long this has been a non-debatable genetic disease with no association with environmental factors including infections and insults by micro-organisms like so many other diseases such as cancers and autoimmune disorders as written in the articles of this website! In wonder of finding out of any such association (s) as I have already come to believe that genetics in pure sense has either a very minimal role in causing diseases or none, I had to spend some time of my vacation on search for this truth!

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