The Cost of Ignorance and Panic

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I underestimated the ignorance and panic of humans when three weeks ago predicted that the COVID-19 will depart us in 4-6 weeks by early to mid-May. With closure of almost all life functions and social distancing and more so the overuse of disinfectants, we have created more and more a barrier to the viral entry of this coronavirus for symbiosis. First and still  by some the blame was thrown on China where the virus started manifesting, and then some conspiracy theories that still are going on, connecting the pandemic to a man-made biological war. Still in total ignorance and with no scientific or research proof, we perceive the pandemic has been caused by human-to-human spread so with closure of all functions of  life worldwide and social distancing and overuse of disinfectants, we are helpelessly striving to stop the virus. Still to this day even in the medical research field, we wonder about the source of the virus and relate it to bats. as discussed in the previous article below, written almost at the onset of pandemic. Bats as ancient flying mammals are the reservoirs of  the beta-coronavirus as the wild birds are the same for the alpha type of this virus. Two types of human common cold coronaviruses, OC43 and 229 E have long ago over-spilled from bats and wild birds onto our ancestors, homo sapiens and this is not a current and modern event.

One if ponders enough would question how the worldwide spread of COVID-19 has been possible by human to human or animals to humans. If the first infected individual for example in Wuhan China  spread it to more people or even all of the population of Wuhan, that obviously considering the incubation period of the virus would take at least several months. Even if some infected Chinese travelled to a few other regions of the world to spread it, how one could explain the worldwide pandemic even in the most remote towns, villages and islands all over the world?  The only common sense explanation of the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 would be the fact that the virus is in the air all around us in every parts of the world. All types of human  coronavirus like the common cold and COVID-19  are airborne and  can travel easily everywhere by the wind. So how could we protect ourselves from such a virus that is everywhere around us by our foolish closure of all life functions and social distancing?

As explained in the previous article at the onset of the pandemic, viruses such as coronaviruses are the backbones of life on earth and the main reason of evolution and ecosystem in the nature that still we do not appreciate despite possessing the highest evolved brains among the animal strata. As detailed in my previous paper, coronavirus is a friendly virus trying for entry into us as hosts for co-evolution and endosymbiosis. The high virulence or aggression of the COVID-19  as explained before does not make it a destroying enemy of the human population like some killer viruses such as HIV or HPV that kill young and old alike, not like this coronavirus that only kills the very elderly and very severely immune-compromised subjects. Perhaps our immune system has been so weak and in danger of serious microbial invasions (with all the modern era malignancies and autoimmune disorders) that the human coronaviruses like COVID-19 are seeking entry for immune support and cleaning as the origins of our immune arsenals such as mitochondria and interferons  are viral.

Therefore it is scientifically and medically imperative to have opened all the closed functional venues of life, and not to panic about COVID-19  or now panic over the loss of revenues. Because of the universal pressure of this coronavirus for human entry and symbiosis and for a probable significant biological/genetic/cellular/immunological agenda forced by the law of survival and mutual co-evolution, perhaps so many more people all over the world have been infected much more than the current documented cases close to 3 millions. As we already know in the scientific arena, the highest number of infected people have mild symptoms manifesting as common cold, followed by subjects with  moderate symptoms, then asymptomatic group. In fact the severe infected cases comprise the least number of inflicted people. Moreover since there is almost no mortality in any group age under 60 years unless in subjects with immune compromised and severe underling illnesses, so it was foolish and non-evidence based to close all walks of life and create more panic globally than pandemic.          

Dr.Mostafa Showraki, MD, FRCPC

School of Medicine, University of Toronto


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