Hematology and Oncology

Hematology is the medical speciality dealing with our blood and its components in health and disease. Oncology is the medical speciality, studying and treating cancers. Hematology and Oncology  for whatever reason are overlapped in medicine, though they are quite distinct medical specialties and we have included them here together not to agree on their overlap, but for the convenience and as a matte of space saving on the site.

While blood and its disorders are very important for consideration and treatment, but no field in the whole medicine has challenged its experts and scientists like cancers or out of control growth of cells, tissues or organs that are not only the subject of studies by Oncology, but are the subjects of concerns, worries and sufferings by the whole humanity at large!  Therefore it is obvious that in this section of the website we would discuss more on Oncology and different cancers than on hematology or blood disorders.


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