Preventive Medicine

ByPreventive Medicine” here, we do not mean only discussion of the preventable diseases caused by preventable factors, e.g. sedentary life style, diet, etc. that causes obesity, high blood sugar, cholesterol and so on. But by Preventive Medicine, we mean that the whole field of Medicine should be principally preventive and not management and treatment that is now! By Preventive Medicine, we do not mean screening everybody blindfoldly to find out diseases. By Preventive Medicine, we mean to concentrate primarily on the etiology and more importantly the pathophysiology of disorders and identify the causes and the process of disease formation. For disorders with know causes and pathophysiology, the physicians and the public need to be trained and educated on identifying those causes and taking preventive measures, e.g. promoting healthy life styles and diet to prevent obesity, high blood sugar and cholesterol and hence cardiovascular disorders.

For disorders that preventive causes are not well defined and known, we need to shift the focus of research in medicine more on the preventive side than on the treatment! For example we need to validate the theory of trauma/insult as a main cause of cancer development as discussed in the section of oncology on this website by conducting the proper research on every tissues and organs cancer, then initiate the preventive measures. Along this line, we need to identify what other disorders have preventive causes and do the same with each disorder. In a better word we need to search for preventive causes in every single disease based on the null hypothesis that every disease has a preventable cause unless proven otherwise!

In fact this whole website could be called a “Preventive Medicine Site” as we believe that every single disease has preventable causes, but we need to identify them if not known yet! Therefore in each article, there will be an attempt to critic the current medicine research and practice in every single disorder for identification of such causes and factors and promote the shift of the current “treatment oriented medicine” to “prevention oriented medicine”!    

Dr.Mostafa Showraki, MD, FRCPC                                                               Lecturer, University of Toronto,School of Medicine,Author: “ADHD:Revisited” Book “”/””

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