Trauma and Insults

Trauma and insults are so important in causing human’s diseases that easily make most of medical disorders, and well deserve having its own branch of medicine. But this importance seems to have been ignored by the experts in the field! Trauma and insults are not the cause of physical injuries that may come to mind at the first glance. But as discussed in the section of cancers, traumas could be the cause and trigger of a vast majority of cancers. Psychologically, trauma is “stress” that is considered the cause and trigger of many psychiatric disorders.

Insults is another term for trauma by microorganisms to human, causing not just a wide variety of observable and obvious acute and chronic infections, but non-observable and non-obvious long-term impact on the human’s health, e.g. autoimmune disorders. While every branch of medicine needs to pay closer attention to the role of trauma and insults in causing different disorders, this field on its own needs to be studied and researched in detail. Here we do not intend to discuss the subject in further detail in this section, but to stress its significance and will explore the role of trauma and insults in causing and triggering different diseases in other sections.

Dr.Mostafa Showraki, MD, FRCPC                                                               Lecturer, University of Toronto,School of Medicine,Author: “ADHD:Revisited” Book “”/””


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