COVID-19: Most recent humans’ Tragedy turning into a Comedy!

Ontario premier Doug Ford on his heels (as he has recently announced) or in a better word, on his knees in fighting against COVID has panicked again and hopes to make his province citizens panic as well. Frightened of the third wave of pandemic, he has tightened further restrictions on all walks of life and people province wide with his order of stay home. He is about to enter the province into a martial law by empowering the police force to question and control people outside, interrogating where they’e going, or perhaps if they are out for non-essential reasons, for example walking , jogging, exercising or playing, to arrest them. This outrageous and dictatorship order has already angered many people and even authorities, such as human right activists that the order is totally agains the charter of rights. 

The following letter to Premier Ford that has been emailed to him with a copy to prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and no response has been received yet, is posted here. This letter with the mortality rates over the past 20 years in Canada, the world and China, is a testimony of unfounded panic over a pandemic that’s not as bad as broadcasted as mortality rates of the past year of 2020 that everyone would assume to have been the highest over the recent years, has not been higher than in the previous years.   Premier Ford was not in charge to question the cause of the highest mortality rate in Canada in 2015 with  5.18% , and in 2017 with 4.63%, and even years back a high rate of 3.70% in 2007, 3.52% in 2011, 3.81% in 2013, all compared with the death rate of 4.47% in the past year of 2020.   In fact no one could believe a country such as Canada that boasts to be one of the best places on earth to live with the highest life styles standards, has higher mortality rate than its population growth and its death rate is on the rise, even compared with the global rate and China’s as an example (See the following table). 

It seems that no one has looked up these data and nobody has questioned China that spread the news of COVID-19 and was on the top of the list earlier on, now in comparison with its huge population by this day has only 90,499 cases, with only 4,636 deaths and over a year since April 26, 2020, it has had only 3 more deaths!  Obviously it seems that China does not test its citizens and does not report any deaths of COVID anymore. A simple look at the following table of China’s mortality rate over the past 20 years, brings up the big question of what happened in this country all of a sudden in the past two years for its death rate jumps from 0.34% in 2018 to 1.97% in 2019 and 1.94% in 2020, a jump of almost 6 times.  But still the highest mortality rates of China in the past two years, matches with the one of the lowest death rate of Canada!

Judge for yourselves.   

Dear Premier Ford:

It’s in the news that you plan to enter the province into Martial Law due to COVID. Further strict restrictions on people and empowering the police to checkpoint people when outside of their homes and questioning where they go and finning them up to $750 is simply a martial law and against the human charter of rights. 

As a physician who has written scientifically from the onset of COVID pandemic on my website “”, fighting with the COVID is futile and wearing masks,closures of all walks of life and restrictions of people’s activities will not control the virus as it has not yet even with vaccinations. In addition to my articles on the above website, I will spell out the following points for better understanding of you and your executive staff, so hopefully to change the direction of your policy in regard with COVID and be the first authority in the world to do so and if the prime minister Trudeau whom I have also cc’d this email, reads it to do so and be the first leader in the world for this new heroic policy:

1-Viruses have been the first living being on earth for billions of years and all other beings including bacteria, funguses, parasites, plants and animals such as us have derived from them.

2-Corona viruses that COVID and common cold are of their species have spilled over from bats and birds into our ancestors, Homosapiens and have lived with us since. 

3-Coronaviruses such as COVID like all the other viruses have different strains (COVID, common cold virus, SARS, MERS are all different strains of Coronaviruses) that are created through mutations.

4-Even if we succeed to wipe out COVID through vaccination , the virus will still survive through its mutant variants.

5-Viruses make at least 65% of our genomes and like a parasite live in their hosts such as humans.

6-Coronaviruses including COVID, opposite to killer viruses such as HIV and HPV, in fact are relatively friendly and foster our immune system, that have been mostly created in our cells by good viruses, who live in peaceful symbiosis with us for ever.

7-COVID and other coronaviruses like many other viruses have been living with us for long, and the discovery of first COVID cases in China, deliberately or accidentally has panicked the whole world. China that was on the top of the list of COVID cases, now is one of the lowest in the pandemic rate compared to its population. Obviously when the whole world’s case numbers is upward and China’s downward, it shows that China has stopped testing people and is aware of the reality of COVID.

8-In the following figure you will see how since 2000, the mortality rate in the world and Canada has been on the rise compared with the population growth. Surprisingly China’s death rate has been declining since 2000, except for the past two years of 2019 and 2020 for some reasons, if their statistics are correct. The world mortality rate has been on the rise since 2016. But Canada’s death rate has been volatile and the past year of 2020 (+4.47%) that everyone would assume to have had the highest death rate due to COVID has been less than 2015 (+5.18%) and 2018 (+4.63%). 

9-The above data show clearly that COVID like its other siblings have been around for long and causing mortalities all around at different rates and are not anything new. The only new event is the panic of the pandemic that deliberately or accidentally started from China to panic the world and close their lives and economy and boost their own (china has had the highest economy growth last year globally).

10-I would recommend the province and Canada as a whole to be the first one to realize this fact, stop testing people and vaccinate only those who want to and open all walks of life and remove the masking order, restrictions, etc.

I will be glad to explain more and if needed to be an assistant.


Dr.Mostafa Showraki

Canadian Death # Death Growth Canada Population Growth World Death #M Death Growth World Population Growth China Death Rate
2000 217,230   52.98
2001 219,110 + 0.86% +0.95% 53.25 + 0.51% +1.29% -0.08%
2002 220,490 +0.63%/ +0.97% 53.49 + 0.45% +1.27% -0.08%
2003 223,910 + 1.55% +0.99% 53.70 + 0.39% +1.26% -0.08%
2004 228,830 + 2.20% +1.04% 53.87 + 0.32% +1.25% +0.62%
2005 229,910 + 0.47% +1.10% 54.02 + 0.28% +1.25% +0.61%
2006 225,490 – 1.92% +1.16% 54.13 + 0.20% +1.25% +0.59%
2007 233,830 + 3.70% +1.21% 54.22 + 0.17% +1.24% +0.61%
2008 236,530 + 1.15% +1.24% 54.30 + 0.15% +1.24% +0.60%
2009 237,710 + 0.50% +1.23% 54.39 + 0.16% +1.23% +0.45%
2010 237,140 – 0.24% +1.19% 54.50 + 0.20% +1.22% +0.45%
2011 245,500 + 3.52% +1.15% 54.64 + 0.26% +1.21% +0.43%
2012 242,410 – 1.26% +1.11% 54.84 + 0.37% +1.20% +0.45%
2013 251,660 + 3.81% +1.07% 55.09 + 0.45% +1.19% +0.44%
2014 253,050 + 0.55% +1.04% 55.41 + 0.55% +1.17% +0.34%
2015 266,160 + 5.18% +1.02% 55.82 + 0.58% +1.16% +0.33%
2016 262,090 – 1.53% +0.99% 56.33 + 0.91% +1.14% +0.34%
2017 274,240 + 4.63% +0.96% 56.94 + 1.08% +1.12% +0.33%
2018 283,770 + 3.47% +0.93% 57.63 + 1.21% +1.10% +0.34%
2019 287,460 + 1.30% +0.91% 58.39 + 1.32% +1.08% +1.97%
2020 300,310 + 4.47% +0.89% 59.23 + 1.44% +1.05% +1.94%

Canada-World Death Rates by Year-Table

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